"Near the Banks of a Flooded River (After Li Po)" by George Freek

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Near the Banks of a Flooded River (After Li Po)

The sun, like a deflated balloon,
sinks behind an abandoned toy
factory. A black sky
releases its razor sharp rain.
Trees bend, like blinded giants,
as the light goes out along
the empty street. Somewhere,
someone is dying.
Across a distant field, children
are camped in a tent. Rolling,
in their sleep, over a universe
of ants, working in the night,
who never knew what hit them.

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george freek

George Freek is a poet / playwright living in Belvidere, Illinois. His poetry has recently appeared in Carcinogenic Poetry, Tipton Poetry Journal, The Adelaide Review, Big Windows Review, and Sentinel Literary Quarterly. His plays are published by Playscripts, Inc., Lazy Bee Scripts, and Off The Wall Plays.

Photo Credit: Staff