"The Garden" by Dorsía Smith Silva

The Garden.JPG

The Garden

All around us,
there are thick blossoms of sweet vines,
leafing between the rails of light.

How the berries grow wild,
with brazen amusement at our existence —
their being is something else.
We know.

With greedy eyes, we are led to the rows forward.
We float into the rising smells,
rub the green vine crossings into our fingers,
each one effortlessly balancing the fruit.

But now,
I kneel down, grab handfuls,
no matter the vines, here and there,
flinging the rich red berries into my open mouth.

This is salvation, I tell you.
How shall I know it? You ask.

Dorsía Smith Silva

Dorsía Smith Silva is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Her poems have been published in POUI: Cave Hill Journal of CreativeWriting, Adanna, Rigorous, Shot Glass Journal, Tonguas, and the book, Mothers and Daughters.

Photo Credit: Staff