"Georgia, Lake George, 1907" by Tara Hart

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Georgia, Lake George, 1907

You see what became of me:

cross, stripped skull, giant desert flower.

But at twenty I played a summer east of Tongue Mountain.

I read pulp fiction, did not tell these boys about those.

I watched the water at night, seeing in a red then green glowing prow my own

turning to wonder:

just how much light and little lake

would it take

to bleach me

beyond the dark boats tugging this sodden body,

to rise

to the level of

my perfect



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Tara Hart

Tara Hart, PhD, was awarded a Pushcart Prize for Poetry in 2011 from the publication of "Patronized" in Little Patuxent Review. She has a chapbook entitled The Colors of Absence and several poems in the anthology to linger on hot coals: collected poetic works from grieving women writers. Other poems have appeared in journals such as TriQuarterly, Welter, and The Muse. She is a Professor of English, Arts & Humanities; Department Chair of Humanities; and the Coordinator of Creative Writing at Howard Community College in Maryland, and is Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of HoCoPoLitSo (the Howard County Poetry and Literature Society). She has served as a host of HoCoPoLitSo’s TV show The Writing Life in “A Literary Gathering of Women: The Craft of Writing” and “A Literary Gathering of Women: Exploring Themes in Literature.” Her chapter, “Still Points: Mary Austin’s Compositions and Explanations,” from the dissertation Tender Horizons: The American Landscapes of Austin and Stein, is published in Exploring Lost Borders: Critical Essays on Mary Austin (University of Nevada Press).

Headshot: Tara Hart

Photo Credit: Staff